Stone Tug

The R.R. Stone is a small tug lying upright in 65ft of water 14 miles out of Masonboro Inlet and is about 10 miles of Carolina Beach. The Stone was sunk as an artificial reef in 1985. It is located within a few hundred yards of the Old Dredge wreck and the Pocahontas. It is a small (85ft long) but fun wreck to dive.

The sea has taken it's toll on the Stone. It was intact with many swim throughs but storms ripped off the bridge in 2003. The bridge now sits upside down off to the ships starboard side. Sand Tigers make this wreck there home during the summer months along with the typical inshore fish. In 2004 a large manta ray showed up on the Stone allowing one of my buddies to ride it for several minutes.

The R.R. Stone docked in downtown Wilmington
Short video of the Stone (1.58MB)
Short video of the Stone (1.62MB)




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