Rosin Wreck (SS Runa)

The Rosin Wreck is a large wreck 40 miles south of Masonboro Inlet. It sits in 115 ft of water and rises to about 85 ft. The ship is pretty well defined and the wreckage is collapsing in on itself. There is a giant swim through where the superstructure of the wreck has rusted away leaving only the ribs of the ship. Thousands of baitfish, grouper and even sand tigers are all in the massive swim through.

Recently I've been doing a little research into the identity of of the Rosin Wreck. The evidence is pointing to the Norwegian freighter Runa. The Runa was on it's way from Savahnna GA to Liverpool England when it encountered rough seas off Frying Pan Shoals on Dec 15, 1923. The Freigther W.W. Mills recovered 5 survivors but 22 others were never found.

Newspaper Articles

May 12, 2006

Inside the swim through (cargo holds 1 &2)
Swim through
Rosin Barrels
Rosin Barrels
Starboard near stern
Part of the swim through from the starboard side
Wreckage near the stern
Toilet on the port side
Ribs of the ship
Fork hiding under some rubble
Now it's mine


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