The Pocahontas is a 105ft tug that was sunk as a part of the artificial reef program in 1985 in 70ft of water 14 miles southeast of Masonboro Inlet. The area is marked by the AR-382 reef buoy. It is in very close proximity to the Old Dredge Wreck and the Stone Tug. The ship is showing it's age. The superstructure has collapsed leaving an intact hull full of wreckage. On the bow and stern there are two large bollards which were once used to tow ships or barges. There are still a few suprises on the wreck, while diving it in July of 2005 I found a nice brass porthole. It is a good dive for the beginner looking to venture a little deeper.

Pocahontas in it's days as a tug boat
Bollard on the Bow
Random wreckage
More random wreckage
Porthole found under some deck plates
Porthole before
Porthole after


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