The Normannia is a 312 ft. long freighter that was over taken by rough seas in 1924. It was carrying a load of mahogany logs from Jamaica to Charleston SC. It sunk in 110 ft of water 35 miles southeast of Masonboro Inlet. Now the wreck sits upright on the bottom. The 80+ years the wreck has been on the ocean floor has left a shell behind. The outline of the wreck is clearly visible with it structure collapsing in on itself. The boilers, engine room, bow and stern remain somewhat intact and comprise the major structure of the wreck.

The Normannia is an incredible dive. Because it is so far offshore it is bathed in blue water most of the time. Visibility averages around 60 ft but vis in excess of 100 ft is not uncommon. The blue water also brings in a host of tropical marine life. Animals that are not supposed to be this far north are not uncommon. Spanish and Cuban hogfish, coney's, graysby's, and hamlets can be seen along with the common fish associated with offshore wrecks. This is one of my favorite dive's off our coast.


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May 13, 2006



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