The Hyde is a 215 ft ocean going hopper dredge. It was built in 1945 in Wilmington Delaware and saw service in Atlantic, Pacific and Honolulu. It's primary function was to keep waterways open for Naval ship traffic. Because the Hyde was constructed during WWII it was one of a few dredges outfitted with guns, armor, and a gun crew. Today the Hyde sits upright in 85ft of water 18 miles from Masonboro inlet. It was sunk by NC Division of Marine Fisheries in 1988.

The Hyde is one of the most popular wrecks in our area. It sits intact and upright on the bottom with a lot to see. Because it is upright it makes it very easy to navigate, just like you were walking her decks. The deck is around 65-70 ft which makes this a good dive for a novice diver wanting a little more experience. During the summer months this wreck gets over run with sand tiger sharks which make for incredible dives. Nurse sharks, sandbar sharks, turtles, and barracuda are not uncommon either.

Original Hyde Pamplets Used During Tours

Sand Tigers on the Hyde 7/29/06




The Hyde being sunk by the NCDMF


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