Frying Pan Tower

The Frying Pan Tower is a Texas Tower 46 miles south of Masonboro Inlet. The light tower marks the shallows around Frying Pan Shoals. It replaced a light ship in 1966 and was manned until 1979 when it became automated. Now it's 4 massive legs act as a waypoint for bluewater fish like tuna, king mackeral, and dolphin while the bottom is home to dozens of species of tropical fish, many of which there is no record of them being this far north.

The Tower is one of the best dives off the North Carolina coast. The shallow depth (50ft) coupled with the abundent marine life make it an incredible dive. Currents can get pretty bad but most of the time they are managable. It is a popular spearfishing and lobstering location. The Tower is not the only place to dive in the area. Ledges run for miles all around the area and provide for a great second dive. Unfortunatly the Tower is going to be torn down because it is to far gone to be restored. The word is it will be sunk just offshore in deeper water and may provide a good dive site.


July 2, 2006





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