The Cassimir is a 390 ft long tanker which lies 42 miles east of Masonboro inlet. On February 26, 1942 the Cassimir was on it way to Maryland in dense fog. U-boats were reported to be in the area so it was running faster than normal for the conditions. Suddenly out of the fog appeared the freighter Lara which knifed through the hull of the Cassimir sending her to a watery grave.

Now the Cassimir sit in two pieces on the bottom. The bow lies a short distance from the remainder of the wreckage and sits at a 45 degree angle. Majority of the wreck is comprised of the midship and the stern. The wreck attracts a variety of tropical marine life that makes this one of the premier dives off our coast. Much of the hull is broken up but there is plenty of relief to explore. Visibility averages around 60 ft but can easily get to over 100 ft. On several occasions I have been able to see the dive boat while sitting on the wreck 115 ft below.

Archival Newspaper Article
July 5, 2006




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