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Hi I'm Patrick Carroll. I was certified in 1994 in Ocean City MD while I was attending college. One year later I moved to Wilmington NC to continue my education and I found how nice the diving was. In 2001 I started as a mate on the Aquatic Safaris dive boats which has provided me with the oppurtunity to make hundreds of dives on nearly everything Wilmington has to offer. Currently, I have my TDI Trimix certification and I love diving the deeper wrecks in the area.

I have my masters degree in Marine Biology and work as a full time researcher for the University of North Carolina Wilmington. My background in marine biology makes diving much more enjoyable and allows me to identify and understand a lot of what I see underwater. That is what got me interested in starting this site so I can hopefully enhance others dives by providing a place to learn a little bit about what they see under the sea.

All of my pictures are taken with a simple Olympus Stylus 400D with an Olympus housing. It does not take the best pictures but it gets the point across.

In 2010 I upgraded my camera set up to a Panasonic Lumix LX3 in a 10 Bar housing with an Inon Z240 Strobe. This will provide much better results.

E-mail me at pmcarroll@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.



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