Porthole off the Pocahontas

I was taking pictures on the bow of the Pocahontas on July 10, 2005 when I saw 2 small bolt holes under a piece of wreckage. I investigated further to discover it was an intact porthole base. I attached it to my lift bag and got it to the surface where I snapped this picture.

I got it back to shore and started cleaning it in an electrolysis bath when brass started to show through. After a short dilute muriatic acid bath, 2 weeks of electrolysis, and thorough polishing this is what I found.

Bronze Manufacturers plate off the Dredge Wreck

On July 10, 2005 after finding the porthole I was on the Dredge Wreck snapping some pictures when I came across some writing on part of the wreckage. I took a few pictures of it in hopes of being able to decipher the writing from the picture.

July 25, 2005 I went back out there with a small pry bar to investigate a little closer. The rust around the plate peeled off leaving the plate behind and I pulled it off the wreckage and it looked like it does in the picture.

After a short dilute muriatic acid bath (2.5%) and some scrubbing with a stainless steel brush it was ready for an electrolysis bath.

Here is the plate in the bath.

After one more dilute muriatic acid bath (20%) and a little more electrolysis this is what the plate looks like. It is from Morris Machine Works who produced dredging pumps in the late 1800's to the early 1900's. This was an awesome find!

Fork off the Rosin Wreck

On July 23, 2005 I was diving on the Rosin Wreck. After about 20 minutes I stumbled across this fork lying under some wreckage on the starboard side.

So I picked it up.

I soaked it in a 50% vinegar bath over night.

This is the final product. A fork manufactured by Wm. A. Rogers out of silver plated nickel. Judging by the condition and manufacturer it is a pretty old fork.

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